This place has been sanitized according to the ministerial provisions related to Covid-19. Our staff has been trained, according to the latest directives, to carry out their skills. The sanitizing of  the rooms will be made at each customer change and that of the common areas daily.
We ask our guests to follow these rules:
-Always wear the mask at the entrance and exit and during stops in the common areas.
-Keep the safety distances, as per regulation, of at least 1 meter.
-Respect the signs posted at the hotel.
-In case of symptoms related to Covid-19 notify the reception immediately (dial 401).
-Use the disinfectant gel, placed in the common areas, to sanitize the hands.
-Open the windows, once you leave your room, in order to ventilate before the cleaning service.
- Web check in: for the purpose of speeding up the web check-in process, please send an identity document, of the customers staying in the hotel, to, or via whatsapp service on 00 39 3479459210. Please indicate data check-in and check-out of data.
- Breakfast Service: Breakfast service is served as buffet and is scheduled on the Hotel terrace (3rd floor) from 7:00 - 10:00 am. Room service is available for breakfast (additional cost of € 5).
- The cards, for room access, are regularly sanitized before delivery. We kindly ask our guests to keep them for the entire duration of the stay and at the end of the stay to leave it in the room (and not at the reception) in the appropriate magnetic slot.
- For laundry service contact the reception (401).
We wish you a pleasant stay,
The Management
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