Medinblu Doors

The doors.

We chose abstract decorative themes. Each image can be read as a weave, a continuous thread flowing on the blue background (the Mediterranean). The sea is the binder, the same background, almost like a common homeland. Each decorative theme, however, is drawn from different cultures and traditions, and expresses the peculiarity of some sea cities, chosen due to being considered emblematic and capable of describing the great wealth of diversity.

The hotel is generally one of the places of the travel's memory. The different doors giving access to the private part, the rooms, allusively open a memory drawer, inside it, we find pictures of the places. These are not tourist pictures, but fragments, series, colors, details, foods evoking visually but also audibly, that blending dizziness that is the Mediterranean Sea.

The Hotel Medinblu**** came out from the recovery of an ancient hotel building (former Hotel Esperia), built in 1915.All the architectural features are about that time, such as the grit, the stairs, the railings and the external structure, fully renovated, remains loyal to the original building.

Open a door below and browse the enchanting world of Medinblu!

Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 01 Beirut (rotating figures): drawn from decorative metallic shapes of the Gran Serraglio door.Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 02 Malaga: decorative pattern from the Alhambra of Granada (the nearest Andalusian sea town in Granada is Malaga).Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 03 Rodes musciarabia: wooden grid decorated with geometric tunnels, uesd to protect windows, balconies and loggia.Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 04 Tel Aviv: Pattern with the star of David.Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 11 Reggio Calabria: a tile which inspired medinblu's logo.Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 12 Athens: typical decoration, namely called 'Greek'.Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 14 Catania: floor of a house on the ruins of the Roman theater.Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 15 Smirne: facade decoration of the Huand Hatun compound Turkey 13th century.Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 18 Herakles: here are the ruins of the palaceof Knosso, where the mythical labyrinth once was. Free interpratation.Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 19 Cagliari: decorative stamps for the 'pintaderas' bread.Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 21 Cannes: stylization of Provencal decorative themes (lavander flowers)Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 22. Tunisia: decorative pattern from the Great Mosque of Kairouan.Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 23 Split: drawn from a Croatian rug.Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 24 Venezia: twin square and losanghe pattern, floor of the Basilica of St. Mark.Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 25 Otranto: decorative detail of the Otranto Castle.Hotel Medinblu | Reggio Calabria | 26 Naples: 'waves' decoration Herculaneum excavations.